Balat – international history and unpretentious splashes of creativity

Balat is different. It’s not just another neighborhood among many. It tells you about life in a way that may confuse and astonish you. Balat wildly exposes the whole crazy spectrum of life. At first, perhaps crudely, but then with such genuine power of art and emotion that it ignites a great flame of love in your soul. Balat justifies these flames of creativity with its perspective. It knows… because it truly exudes world history.

Road trip from Istanbul to the turquoise Aegean coast

What if you combined the grandeur of history with the beauty of seaside landscapes on your journey? We drove from Istanbul along the small coastal roads of Turkey’s western coast towards the south, admiring the breathtaking views of the Aegean Sea, and I highly recommend this combination – a city and beach vacation all in one.

İstanbul Modern – modern art in many different ways 

The modern and contemporary art museum, İstanbul Modern, surprised me pleasantly with its diversity and stunning location. The range of art in this museum is vast and intriguing. Additionally, the museum building itself holds a dazzling architectural surprise.

Food – part 2: delicacies, pastries and desserts

I can promise you that this post is guaranteed to be sweet. And furthermore, I can assure you that if you taste all these treats, you won’t have to feel a sweet craving for a while – Turkish treats are that rich. In this post, you’ll first see delicious options and assortments with photos, and finally, you’ll hear interesting stories about traditional Turkish delicacies.

Christmas at the St. Anthony Catholic Church (Sent Antuan Katolik Kilisesi)

In Istanbul, it is said that the St. Anthony Catholic Church is so significant and important that it is impossible to imagine the famous İstiklal Avenue (İstiklal Caddesi) without this church. I can easily agree, as my steps often lead me to this uplifting place, besides my other favorite, Hagia Sophia (Ayasofya), even though I do not represent any specific religion myself. In this post, we take a glimpse into the beautiful Christmas atmosphere of the St. Anthony Catholic Church.

Street animals in Istanbul – homes and food

I have already mentioned before that Istanbulites love and respect all animals – without limits. Even after years, I cannot help but be touched by the beautiful way Istanbulites take care of the animals living on their streets. In this post, you catch a glimpse of this compassion through photos of homes and food offered to street animals.

Freedom Park (Özgürlük Parkı) – a diverse and verdant oasis

The megacity of Istanbul is a green, active, sporting, artistic, and even child-friendly city, as long as you venture beyond the traditional historical tourist area. You can find all of this, for example, in Freedom Park (Özgürlük Parkı) located on the Asian side, where you can spend a fantastically diverse day, starting with a rich Turkish buffet breakfast on the terrace of the park’s restaurant.

Istanbul’s shopping malls – paradises for the modern shopper

While Istanbul is a unique city, particularly due to its location and history, it is by no means just about history. Istanbul is also a modern and international metropolis. One example of this is the city’s numerous splendid shopping malls, which are shopping paradises for trend-conscious shoppers. As we now go on to explore this luxury, you may be surprised to see how far we’ve come in nearly 600 years from Constantinople’s Grand Bazaar, one of the world’s first shopping centers – where you can still shop to this day.

Sirkeci – the terminus of the Orient Express

When you are on the European side of Istanbul, you can hardly miss the historic Sirkeci railway station (Sirkeci Garı), which is now known as an important station for the Marmaray commuter train. Marmaray takes you beneath the Bosphorus from Europe to Asia. However, Sirkeci Station has been significant throughout history because it was once the eastern terminus of the Orient Express (Sirkeci Terminal), a famous train that traveled from Paris to Istanbul.

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