Kuzguncuk – ”The sweet delicacy of Istanbul”

In this post I’ll introduce one of my favorite neighborhoods, Kuzguncuk, for which I’ve given the nickname “sweet delicacy”. This neighborhood is reinvigorating with its visuality as well as its idyllicity, and it is guaranteed to make you smile. It’s best to let the photos speak for themselves, because words may not be enough to describe all the beauty and the unique atmosphere …

“When he chose me” at Happy Moon’s Cafe

This is the story of a touching encounter with a street cat at one of our favorite restaurants, Happy Moon’s Cafe in Fenerbahçe, on the Asian side of Istanbul. Our cat friend melted our hearts and chose my son as his new home with self-evident certainty.

Princes´ Islands (Adalar) – part 2: Büyükada

Since the pictures speak more than a thousand words, in this post I will tell mainly through photos about the largest and most famous of the Princes´ Islands, Büyükada. You’ll also experience a little bit of history as you will see a short video taken of a traditional horse-drawn carriage ride (Phaeton) with views of the nature and sea. Horses were swapped for environmentally friendly electric vehicles in 2020.

Princes´ Islands (Adalar) – part 1

The Princes´ Islands (Adalar) are like a special treasure of Istanbul. They are a scenic and peaceful retreat in the Marmara Sea, just a short ferry ride from the mainland. During the summer months, Princes´ Islands are a popular destination for a trip among tourists and Istanbulites alike. Whilst on the islands you can easily leave the chaos of Istanbul behind and enjoy the stunning seascapes in the middle of nature. So now, come with me on a ferry trip to the Marmara Sea and the Princes’ Islands!

Istanbul guide for beginners

When we plan a trip, we hope to find as much information as possible about our destination – preferably even as easily as possible. As the information is often fragmented, I have compiled in this post both important general information about Istanbul as well as a variety of tips for your visit. In this post you will also find practical information about everyday life for your trip, for example, tips for the ways to commute in Istanbul. And please remember, I will publish new stories about the oriental wonders of dazzling Istanbul on my blog every month.

Crazy Kadıköy

A warm welcome to spend a colorful day with me in Kadıköy! But watch out, after the lively atmosphere, smells, tastes and mood of Kadıköy, your life may never taste the same again. Because your heart will miss this Asian sweet spice called Kadıköy, that’s guaranteed. So you may have to come back soon…

Welcome to be amazed: The Rahmi M. Koç Museum (Rahmi M. Koç Müzesi)

Perhaps a little surprisingly, I will introduce an industrial museum as the first museum in Istanbul. Although I have visited countless museums in my life – and I don’t think I’m a materialist – this private museum made a memorable impression on me with the awe-inspiring surprises it produced. The fingers of my two hands weren’t enough to count all my “wow” exclamations that just continued from one exhibition hall to another…

Different areas of Istanbul

Now that in my previous posts you have landed on your flight to Istanbul and are also familiar with the city’s traffic culture, in this post I will tell you a little bit about the different areas of Istanbul. And also about the structure of how different areas are formed. This will help you both navigate and find areas and places that interest you.

Ways to commute – part 2: public transport in Istanbul

In this post, I’ll tell you about public transport in Istanbul, and give you practical tips to help you get around the city with different means of transportation – exactly the kind of tips I would have appreciated during my first visits. After all, in Istanbul you can only speak English in the tourist area, so all the possible tips will be worth their weight in gold on your expeditions to explore this interesting metropolis.

Ways to commute – part 1: ´Istanbul Airport´ (İstanbul Havalimanı)

As I write this, Turkish society has reopened since the pandemic eased. Let´s hope that the situation will remain good and we will begin to enjoy traveling again. In this first part of my ´Ways to Commute´ -posts, I will tell you about Istanbul´s new airport (in part 2, I will tell you about the public transport in Istanbul). Despite its large size, the airport is a pleasant, easy, and friendly airport – and even visually charming. So let’s land in Istanbul – a warm welcome!