Restaurant Pandeli – Istanbul’s culinary icon and historical ”pearl”

In my previous post, I introduced you to the bazaars of Istanbul. In this post, you will discover the “hidden pearl” of Spice Bazaar that is the historical Restaurant Pandeli, which you will probably pass by too easily, completely unaware of this beauty and unique attraction. And whose food is the best possible.

Bazaars of Istanbul – exuding history and the colors of life

During your visit to Istanbul, the bazaars are, of course, an obvious experience that you must encounter. They are full of colorful, fragrant, variegated and energetic life – that is, everything that you cannot experience at all in, for example, my home country of Finland. But did you know how many different types of bazaars you can find in Istanbul? Or that the locals also go to the bazaars?

Bosphorus Cruise – experience the most beautiful Istanbul

If you only have the chance to explore one place during your visit, I definitely recommend this one: go cruising on the waves of the Bosphorus. The Bosphorus is the pearl of Istanbul, or rather the soul of the whole city, without which the magic of Istanbul would perhaps disappear completely. Every time I return to Istanbul, the most important thing for me is still to go first to breathe the turquoise winds of the Bosphorus.

Encounters with street animals

In this post, the credit goes to the animals. From this photo collection of encounters, you surely can feel the trust, love and care between Istanbul’s street animals and people. I have always appreciated and admired this warm and harmonious life together, and I am still touched again and again by this kind of true love.

The sandy beaches of Istanbul

I am often asked: “where can you swim in Istanbul?” This is a complicated question, to which you will probably get a different answer from every Istanbulite. In this post, I will try my best to gather basic information about Istanbul’s beaches, so that you can choose the beach that is right for you. And now we are talking specifically about sandy beaches suitable for swimming.

”Heartbeat can change the world” – Metin Hara

In this post, I am pleased to introduce to you Istanbul’s new age dervish, Metin Hara. Appreciating his particularly extensive knowledge of the human condition, both mentally and physically, Metin could perhaps also be called a modern Sufi. He represents the holistic medicine of the future. It is possible to book an appointment (in English or Turkish) with Metin either via Zoom or in person in Istanbul.

Kuzguncuk – ”The sweet delicacy of Istanbul”

In this post I’ll introduce one of my favorite neighborhoods, Kuzguncuk, for which I’ve given the nickname “sweet delicacy”. This neighborhood is reinvigorating with its visuality as well as its idyllicity, and it is guaranteed to make you smile. It’s best to let the photos speak for themselves, because words may not be enough to describe all the beauty and the unique atmosphere …

“When he chose me” at Happy Moon’s Cafe

This is the story of a touching encounter with a street cat at one of our favorite restaurants, Happy Moon’s Cafe in Fenerbahçe, on the Asian side of Istanbul. Our cat friend melted our hearts and chose my son as his new home with self-evident certainty.

Princes´ Islands (Adalar) – part 2: Büyükada

Since the pictures speak more than a thousand words, in this post I will tell mainly through photos about the largest and most famous of the Princes´ Islands, Büyükada. You’ll also experience a little bit of history as you will see a short video taken of a traditional horse-drawn carriage ride (Phaeton) with views of the nature and sea. Horses were swapped for environmentally friendly electric vehicles in 2020.