Istanbul Cable Car, Pierre Loti Hill & Turku Funicular, Kakolanmäki

In both cities of the seven hills, Istanbul and Turku, you will find one hill, the top of which you can reach using other methods than walking or driving by car. You can travel to Istanbul’s Pierre Loti Hill (Pierre Loti Tepesi) by cable car and Turku’s Kakolanmäki by funicular. Have you experienced either these means of transportation? And do you know the history of these hills? Do you know what you will find at the tops of these hills today?

Rumi (Mevlâna) and Sufism in Istanbul: Galata Mevlevi Museum (Galata Mevlevihanesi Müzesi)

Rumi is my important “teacher” in every day of my life. Therefore I had to think carefully about how could I bring this topic up with sufficient respect. I was grateful to have the opportunity to share this great wisdom of Rumi with the letters of the book of my another important teacher Erkki Lehtiranta: “Tien päällä ja taivaan alla”. In this post, we’ll also visit the Galata Mevlevi Museum in Beyoğlu, where Istanbul offers you an experience of this mystical and deep wisdom of Rumi as well as Sufism.

Cezayir Street (Cezayir Sokağı)

Even in these difficult times we can’t always travel, we still have a chance to enjoy great places via internet. Let me present to you “the candy of Istanbul”. It is like a hidden treasure not even known to all people of Istanbul. If you are inspired by colors, lights, music and lovely décor, welcome to Cezayir Street to Beyoğlu!

The seascapes of Istanbul – part 2: Asia

Fenerbahçe Parkı

This post is a continuation for my first post about the seascapes of Istanbul, where I told you about the seascapes of Europe and the Princes´ Islands with photos. Now it’s the turn of Istanbul´s Asian side. Here you are, I hope you´ll enjoy!

The seascapes of Istanbul – part 1: Europe and the Princes´ Islands

Rumeli Hisari, Bosphorus, Istanbul, Euroope

There are no words to fully describe the beauty of Istanbul’s seascapes, so this post will consist mostly of photos – after all, a picture is worth a thousand words. We have a positive problem i.e. there are too many beautiful seascapes in Istanbul, so I had to divide my post into two parts. In this post, you will see the seascapes of Europe and the Princes´ Islands (in part 2, I will present the seascapes of Asia).

A rental apartment from Istanbul skyscraper

Näkymä 23. kerroksesta Marmaranmerelle, Maltepe, Istanbul

In this post I’m talking about something as mundane as renting an apartment in Istanbul. There are a wide range of housing options, from modest to a palace. The options at both ends are so extreme they don’t even exist in Finland. I’ll also present you an average option for living in Istanbul, a modern and brand new skyscraper home with both great services and a stunningly beautiful sea view.

Modern Istanbul – skyscrapers & Istanbul Sapphire

Although we mostly know Istanbul for its dazzling history, Istanbul is also very modern and international city. The silhouette of Istanbul has been transformed in recent years by skyscrapers built around the city, featuring versatile businesses as well as homes.

Istanbul in the eyes of Erasmus intern

The metropolis of Istanbul

My sons use sometimes questionable but still sweet nicknames of me: a fossil and a dinosaur. For a grandmother like me, it fits sweetly – especially in this post. In my youth, it was extremely rare to go abroad to study – not to mention an international internship. It’s great that things have changed and […]

Istanbul cats – from cat hater to cat lover

Istanbul will not give you any options, you will become a cat lover. It is useless to argue, it is best to surrender immediately. You can’t choose but cats choose you, they simply steal your heart. There are cats everywhere, both in the streets and in homes. They are loved by the power of supernal, and they know it too. In this post, I’ll tell you what happened to myself; how a cat hater became a cat lover.